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VFX production team

A deeper dive into Visual Effects creates a versatile media star! - Living Arts staff and faculty stay tuned to industry trends and techniques. Plan to practice applied creativity via emerging technology and valued story content demands.

Professor George LeChevallier
welcomes you to grow
your creativity

Project Based Experiences Taught by Industry Professionals

  • Art director level design
  • Camera technology
  • Digital illustration
  • Lighting & design
  • Studio business development
  • Portfolio development

The Raleigh, North Carolina USA studio arts campus

The STUDIO ARTS CAMPUS at Raleigh, North Carolina  - Living Arts has graduated top talent for 25+ years. Now you can find out how to break in because you have reel world production know-how. Small classes and a "connected" faculty make the difference.

Experiences instead of assignments result in graduates being studio ready - Living Arts is pragmatic about students undertaking production projects, getting Greenlighted and rewarded with tough critiques. This is a new kind of skill building—by doing!


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we'll talk about your potential as a top creativity professional in Photography, VFX, Animation, Audio,
Media Design or Interior Design

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Qualify for a DEGREE
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The Art of Photography

as a Business

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